Are You Google Fit For Business?

Are You Google Fit For Business?

Are You Google Fit For Business? I am sure everyone reading this article who is responsible for their website and where it appears in Search Engine’s has asked themselves this very question. How do you know you have set up everything correctly for Google?Can Google to crawl your website and rank it favourably?

Relton Associates has devised the ‘Are You Google Fit For Business?’ report that assesses Google’s Top 50 Key Ranking criteria. Letting you know whether you are Google Fit For Business. Every report is supported with a phone call  or face-to-face meeting. We take you through the report and explain what you need to do to become ‘Google Fit For Business’.

The report is easy to understand and uses a traffic light system on what needs addressing first. It is also delivered in a list format of tasks that need to be addressed. Naturally the report can be shared with your whole team, each member given the task to implement which they’re responsible for. Making your website search engine ready.

We have focused on Google as a search engine simply because in the UK it accounts for 85% of the total market share according to Statista. These stats are similar for the US as well. If you are interested in the UK search stats here they are: Bing takes 2nd place with 11%, Yahoo! 3rd spot with 3% followed by MSN (0.5%) and DuckDuckGo (0.3%). The other search engines algorithms work in similar ways, so if you are Fit For Google, you’ll highly be fit for the others (even with the Russian search engine Yandex).

Google’s Top 50 Key Search Criteria

Your report is broken down in to certain key areas Google focuses on and we have listed some of them below. The aim of the report is to inform you of where you need to carry out work to compete on search engines.

The good news for you is, out of the many reports we’ve done so far, there’s always room for improvement. This means your competitors are highly likely to be in the same situation.

By addressing the points raised from the Are You Google Fit For Business report, you will give yourself the advantage over your competitors. Here are 4 of the key areas we check, there are plenty more we check but we just wanted to give you a taste…


Warning message for non secure (HTTP) sites

Google Chrome will punish non-secure sites with warning messages after July 2018

  1. HTTPS versus HTTP – Is your site secure?

Online security is becoming extremely important and your website needs to be HTTPS. The additional ‘S’ on HTTP stands for Secure and is just one of the tests we carry out. Currently web browsers like Google Chrome reward sites for being secure in the Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPs). This is going to become even more important come July 2018 when Google Chrome will punish non-secure sites with warning messages (see image).


  1. Website Speed

Your website speed is another key search criteria and crucial to your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) efforts. Poor speed will result in poor SERP. We test your website in the same way Google tests your site: which includes 3G & 4G testing, mobile testing, desktop testing, when your visitors use WiFi and many more scenarios. Interestingly, Google does not use the best tools to test speed, there are better tools then Google’s, so we use those as well.


  1. Google Website Tools

By using Google’s website tools such as Google Analytics you’re sending the correct signals to Google by presenting yourself as a more bona fide company…not to mention the rich data benefits! Even having a Google Adwords account will boost your chances of being seen by Google as a bona fide company; because you upload bank details. Many will tell you this should not affect your SEO, but we have seen the differences having correctly set up all of Google’s tool kit can bring.

Equally important, is setting these tools up so you the business owner, has control. No one ever wants to be held ransom by an agency or face the challenges of claiming ownership through Google. This is an admin nightmare you don’t need. We check all the above is in place and set up in the correct manner.


  1. Content

We check a vast array of your content structure. Most importantly we give you very specific examples of what you need to update. We look at whether things like Page Titles are the correct length, are duplicated (definitely frowned upon by Google), and are again presented in the correct manner.


Are You Google Fit For Business Summary

Without being set up correctly you are in danger of any SEO work you do being a waste of time, money and resources. The Google Fit For Business Report enables you to either address the areas which need addressing. In the very rare event that you are Google Fit For Business the report gives you peace of mind. Either way, once addressed you can go all out with SEO in the knowledge it will have a positive effect on your business’ SERP in search engines. Get your easy to read Google Fit For Business Report now for just £595!

If you would like to watch the Are You Google Fit For Business? interview on Business Connections Live for more information click here.

Head of UK Sales for Google Analytics 360 Richard Morris speaking about Digital Channel Attribution

Google and NMPi’s first ever Big Debate at Kings Cross

Google and NMPi’s first ever Big Debate at Kings Cross

Last Friday was Google and NMPi’s first ever Big Debate held at Google’s new offices in Kings Cross. With Google’s very own Richard Morris, Head of UK Sales for Google Analytics 360 (AKA: GA360), discussing and debating the pros and cons of Digital Channel Attribution with other industry professionals. It was insightful and we’re looking forward to the next one. Here’s some of the highlights…

Google’s newest offices in Kings Cross, London

The new and very innovative Google Offices in Kings Cross image

Inside the Google Offices in Kings Cross. Are they slides or stairs?

It really would be remiss of me not to comment on Google’s offices. Having visited Google’s offices near Tottenham Court Road I was intrigued to see the set up here. I didn’t see as much as I would have liked, but what I did see absolutely impressed me – another very slick operation with excellent conferencing facilities.

The image to the right is of the centre of the building, an impressive sight when you look upwards. Elevators on the side and stairs (or possibly slides as you can never be too sure with Google) rising across centre.


The Digital Topics discussed

The reason we were all there…well most of us anyway. There was a number of topics discussed and a number of speakers offering some valuable and succinct snapshots on how they felt the future of digital would unravel. Nothing ground breaking, but very well presented. Here’s a snapshot of my favourites:

“Is this the death of Digital Marketing?“

Presented by Nicola Hollow; she confesses it is an attention grabbing headline, but not without cause. Of course, digital marketing is not dead, but the days of the digital team working in the attic or basement silo’d off from the rest of the business are soon coming to an end, and rightly so. Digital will have to be integrated in to almost every team within your business to varying degrees.

Nicola also raised the challenge of digital teams needing to be ‘creative’. Often digital teams are made up of data driven logically minded geniuses who’s strengths do not lie in being creative – I have to agree here too. You could argue it’s a level playing field online without creativity. This is why emotive branding is vital to differentiate your brand from competitors.

Head of UK Sales for Google Analytics 360 Richard Morris speaking about Digital Channel Attribution

Discussing the pros and cons of Digital Channel Attribution during the Big Debate

“How to swim when you are drowning in Data”

Presented by Kate Jervis; Kate’s outlook on the power of data was simplistic and mirrored my own feelings about digital in general. Data and digital are constantly changing. So there will never be the perfect time to roll out data processes or campaigns, you will always be something missing from the process. Digital is constantly changing, so don’t let ‘excellent get in the way of good’, you create excellence later, best get started first.

“Failure is, in fact, an option”

Presented by Sarah Ward; another grabbing headline which really resonates with me. Digital is all about testing and measuring. The beauty of digital is you can often test and measure everything and rather easily too. So be prepared to test, test and test again and never treat something that is not an instant success as a failure, it’s just part of the journey to success. Naturally, you can significantly negate failure and focus your testing through bringing in experts, like Relton Associates (again, it would be rather remiss of me not to drop this in).

The cause – Médecins Sans frontières

MSF logo - Doctors Without Borders

Médecins Sans Frontières | Doctors Without Borders

As it happens, a cause very close to my heart. Also known as Doctors Without Borders. The Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) Les Médecins Sans Frontiers takes medicines and doctors to those who really need it. From war torn territories to natural disaster zones. You will tend to find them in places around the World where no other NGO goes or that country’s government ignores, like: Syria, Iraq, Myanmar (Burma) and alike. To donate (and please do if you can afford to) click here.


So, will I be attending the NMPi Big Debate again? Yes, I found it to be insightful, interesting and innovative in its delivery.

NMPi are specialists in Cost Per Acquisition digital media guaranteeing you a Return On Investment. If you would like to know more about how we work with them then get in touch. We can set you up with an online marketing campaign that really adds to your bottom line. Get in touch