Digital Strategy

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Digital Strategy

Where does it start? Often with what you don’t know. Addressing the areas of your business plan that you are least sure about is the perfect way to start. If you know you should be addressing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) but know nothing about it, get an SEO consultant in who can compliment your strategy with their knowledge and learn from them.

Wherever possible, use Analytics and Business Insight in your digital strategy and future decision making. If your analytics is set up correctly, your Forecasting will be much more accurate. It will also enable you to more accurately budget for your digital growth.

If you don’t have those analytical tools available, or enough data at hand because you’re Start Up, then get in a digital consultant who does have the experience you’re after. Consultants are a great way to add value to your business without any long term commitment. Now…of course I’m going to say that…so here’s some digital case studies to show their value.

A Digital Strategy should compliment the rest of your business strategy. Creating a Multi Channel approach to your business goals.

KPIs – Traffic, Average Basket Value, and Conversion rate will always be a part of your KPIs as they all influence your bottom line. KPIs add focus

Don’t have a checkout? If your website is more of a ‘Brochure Site’ you should still have KPIs and your KPIs still don’t really change. Take this site as an example, every page leads to a contact form and acquiring data and business leads. Traffic is still a KPI, Average Basket Value is now the ‘Quality of the Lead’ and Conversion Rate still applies (how many people are visiting my site and converting into a potential business lead).