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New Year Resolutions…not on your nelly!

New Year, New Resolutions…not on your nelly! 2015 was a fantastic year and 2016 is going to be even better. It’s only January 8th and so far a lot has already happened… Royal Mail have purchased NetDespatch, a very shrewd move indeed and giving them instant competitive advantage. More importantly giving our clients another edge. […]

Relton Associates go International with IBM and CIM

Relton Associates go International with IBM and CIM Relton Associates provided a keynote speaker for IBM at a Cyprus Institute of Marketing (CIM) event on December 9th 2015. Covering ‘All things Digital – Creating Business Strategy built around analytical data and results’. There’s nothing more satisfying then delivering a talk on a topic so close […]

SEO and Social Media Case Study

SEO and Social Media Case Study The purpose of this Blog is not to preach about how Google or Bing ranks results related to Social Media Activity per say, but to give you a simple case study on what has worked. James Arthur’s (X Factor winner 2012) official website originally held 9th Search Engine Ranking […]

Amazon Shakes up its Shipping

Amazon Shakes up its Shipping Are you ready for Amazon’s shake up of marketplace shipping? Amazon has always been surprisingly generous with marketplace sellers shipping schedules – but signs are that Amazon has woken up to the competitive disadvantage of slow shipping and guess what? They’re getting ready to shake up market place shipping! Shipping […]

Brand Reputation Management in Market Places

Keeping control of your brand in e-commerce marketplaces You can sometimes come across some very poor brand images browsing the internet. You’ve just seen one you can’t get out of your head. It’s small, low resolution, badly lit and …oh no, it certainly doesn’t comply with your brand guidelines! In fact, didn’t you discontinue that particular pack […]