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Blogging for e-commerce Insights

Blogging for e-commerce Insights

Blogging can take up a lot of time, unless it’s about topics you enjoy. I certainly don’t consider myself to be a great blogger as I simply don’t do enough. Neither am I what I would consider a ‘natural writer’. Making time to blog when you have other paid work to complete is a constant internal discussion I have with myself…but I have been doing more blogging for e-commerce Insights as we all as for myself.

Board of Experts for e-commerce Insights

Board of Experts for e-commerce Insights

So what’s changed? The only thing that has changed is I’ve been writing about topics I really enjoy. When you do this it’s suddenly not work at all. So here’s three blog posts I’ve written for e-commerce Insights. e-commerce Insights is part of the e-commerce Expo which is event dedicated to the entire breadth of e-commerce from acquiring traffic to warehouse operations. This years e-commerce expo teas place at Olympia London on September 28-29th 2016

Enjoy the read:

Finding the metrics that really matter: Gold-plated KPIs or vanity fluff – with hundreds of different metrics available, how can you be sure you are using the right data to make smarter decisions?

Single Customer View Cynics vs Believers: Is SCV within reach or a mythical beast? – Wouldn’t life be better for everyone if you could see all your customers’ interactions, across all platforms and devices, in one place?

What does customer experience mean to you? – We ask the experts – Does your brand provide the best customer experience to its consumers?

As a member of the Board of Experts for e-commerce Expo, TFM and Customer Contact Expo you will find me Blogging for e-commerce Insights on a regular basis.

OSCE at Work in Ukraine

SEO round table at the OSCE

SEO round table at the OSCE

Now there’s a couple of more acronyms for you. The Organisation for Security and Co-Operation in Europe (OSCE) held their annual round table in Vienna on May 12th where I presented (via Webex) an insight in to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

SEO Roundtable at the OSCE Webex Image

SEO Roundtable at the OSCE Webex Image

This was part of a contract won last month to conduct an SEO audit for the OSCE website, which I have to say I am looking forward to with utter enthusiasm. ‘I bet you say that about all your gigs’ I hear you say? Often I do, but that’s because I enjoy my work, but this digital SEO strategy piece genuinely excites me.

The OSCE is an organisation which is clearly forward thinking where many similar organisations are completely unaware of the ‘Power of SEO’. In particular, the power to influence and potentially change behaviours through informative online articles and content. Eastern Ukraine is currently experiencing unrest on a deadly scale and the digital space is laden with propaganda built to confuse an audience. The OCSE is in a prime position to set the record straight as a recognised official organisation and a ‘go to’ place for reliable and unbiased information.

SEO strategy is built around three main areas:

1. Website Architecture: This is how the website has been built and whether the Content Management System (CMS) itself is able to react to the SEO requirements every website need to be able to promote. The CMS needs to be able to be easily ‘read’ by search engines. It also needs to be user friendly for today: Site upload speeds and Mobile Responsive Designs are just two examples of priorities for Search Engines

2. Content is King: This has been consistent since SEO began. If the content is interesting then Search Engines want to serve this up to the public. Content includes images and video as well as the written word

3. Links: Particularly from Social and the ‘noise’ created by people talking about a subject through Social Media channels. Pretty much all links are valuable but links from Social noise have particular value as Search Engines see this as ‘trending and current’

The OSCE do a great job and helping them to project this online genuinely excites me. The SEO round table at the OSCE is just the first of many digital strategy pieces ahead.

You may also be interested in Social Media & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in Conflict

Social Media and SEO in Conflict

Social Media & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in Conflict

Social Media & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in Conflict

Relton Associates has been supporting NATO and the USMC to deliver Digital training to their various teams over the past year with great success.

First came NATO’s exercise ‘Trident Jaguar’ in spring of 2015 followed by exercise ARRCade Fusion in Latvia in the latter part of the year. Both exercises focused on Social Media monitoring, gathering information and influencing within the sphere of operations.

Using Social Media monitoring tools to identify various conversations, positive and negative, around specified keywords and topics. Here’s some of the reasons why NATO is looking to monitor topics on social media;

  • their adversary will use social media; to confuse the population, spread propaganda and to influence others…and it is crucial you know what is being discussed online, what they’re trying to achieve and gather information
  • to measure whether your intended message has ‘reached’ its Target Audience and whether it has been carried even further (sharing or re-tweets are good examples)
  • to ascertain what topics and conversations are trending and relevant to a population within your area of operations to determine if you want to join conversation or not

By monitoring social media: you are able to identify individuals & groups to influence, message or even just inform, because you have identified a ‘thirst or need for information’.

Early in 2016 Relton Associates has been working with McKenzie Intelligence Services and New Century in supplying training to elements of the Iraqi Military in Bagdad, on behalf of the USMC. In the battle to crush ISIS (Daesh) it is clear social media and influencing online perceptions is critical to the success of the Iraqi Military…an

Iraqi Flag at IGFC training for using Social Media and SEO in the Conflict

Iraqi Flag flying at IGFC – training in Social Media and SEO in the Conflict

d the Iraqi Military is embracing this with gusto.

Relton Associates also supported in training Iraqi Officer’s and troops in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Audience Analysis for Targeted messaging, how to use GoPro and other lessons relevant to winning the battle against ISIS (Daesh).

Social Media monitoring is regularly carried out by some of the biggest global brands. Christmas 2015 saw John Lewis use a social media monitoring agency to measure the success of their predominately twitter focused Christmas Advert. Companies are now using Social Media monitoring for various reasons.

Namely to manage Brand Reputation and to measure success of their various campaigns

If you would like to know more about Social Media monitoring why not drop us a line?

3 click Amazon Feedback Secret for positive feedback

The 3 click Amazon Feedback Secret all top performing stores share

The 3 click Amazon Feedback Secret all top performing stores share

Top performing Amazon stores aim for top levels of Customer Feedback – after all, your 98% feedback is no use if your competitors are winning BuyBox and customers, because they’ve achieved 99%.

Top performing stores need top performing feedback.  The high levels of positive feedback achieved by top performing stores may seem unreachable to some sellers – after all, however wonderful your service is, there will be the odd chirpy customer how rewards you with a 1/5 and then there’s occasional mishap in despatch and shipping…. So if your feedback is languishing below 95%, you might think that 99% is an unachievable target – that is, unless you share the ‘3 click Amazon feedback secret’ of managing your feedback.

A Relton Associates survey of low performing Amazon stores – stores with feedback levels of 92% or less, found that 80% of the feedback impacting on that score was totally avoidable and could be removed in 3 clicks using standard Amazon processes.

The key factor affecting the seller’s feedback level was found not to be performance, but knowledge of Amazon processes.  These sellers were just not managing their feedback.  If low feedback rates are affecting your store’s performance, and you would like to find out how to use ‘the 3 click Amazon feedback secret’ removal process, then why not drop us a line to find out more

Happy New Year from Relton Associates

New Year Resolutions…not on your nelly!

New Year, New Resolutions…not on your nelly!

2015 was a fantastic year and 2016 is going to be even better. It’s only January 8th and so far a lot has already happened…

Royal Mail have purchased NetDespatch, a very shrewd move indeed and giving them instant competitive advantage. More importantly giving our clients another edge.

Also, a nice surprise from UKFast, the leading hosting company gave us a nice surprise for our client for 2016…credit for not using all our pre-arranged package. There’s a nice warm fuzzy feeling that comes from working with ethical and morally grounded companies like UKFast.

We at Relton Associates are building on the success of 2015 and continuing to do what we do best. Just a few BIG achievements for 2015 were:

  • Increasing one of our client’s Amazon store sales from £0 to £1/2 million with strong margins. We’re also leading against our competitors Customer Service (feedback) and delivery metrics. We know this because we were invited to join Amazon’s new 24 hour delivery promise in BETA where competitors weren’t.  Automation with a little bit of heart and soul was key to our success. Next stop for January 2016…going International!
  • A new client, NATO came on to our radar who we served with Social Media strategy and analysis. Monitoring brand reputation and advising on actions to take. We’re looking forward to working more closely in 2016
  • We also provided key note speakers to various events including IBM and online brand reputation management and even got involved delivering lectures to Universities across London

In the first quarter of 2016 we will be delivering new website builds, digital marketing plans, new service developments and working with some new clients, namely the US Marine Corps.

Roll on 2016, roll on more success…watch this space.